2014 Youth Summit

Who attended the 2014 Pormpuraaw Youth Summit

The Youth Summit provided a forum for the young people of Pormpuraaw to host a gathering to highlight what is working and what is not working in Cape York; and offer ideas and solutions that have worked across the Youth Community broadly, that could be adapted for remote settings and to provide an avenue for regional and state services to show case employment and training pathways; Indigenous Health wellbeing and referral pathways, and vocational education and tertiary study pathways. It also enabled people to engage in a variety of activities that led to laughter, team work, innovative thinking and creativity.


Over 90 young people between the ages of 12 and 26 attended with 100s between the ages of 5-30 registered on day 1. PPAC held a concurrent program for 0-11 year olds.

The communities represented were:

  • Pormpuraaw
  • Rockhampton
  • Hopevale
  • Mackay
  • Wujal Wujal
  • Yarrabah
  • Kowanyama
  • Napranum
  • Weipa
  • Aurukun

People came from Victoria, New South Wales and North, South and Central Queensland.

Mentors, young leaders were welcomed by traditional owners and were witness to an amazing array of traditional dancing followed by a welcome smoking and healing ceremony by the traditional owners.

They came to inspire and be inspired, share stories and challenges, along with solutions, laugh, dance, joke, cook and have fun using creative tools initiated by creative and innovative people.

Schools and tertiary Institutes were invited to showcase educational pathways for Young Indigenous Australians; including access to Scholarships. Melbourne University and Central Queensland Indigenous Engagement Team were there supporting young people and participating in activities

Aboriginal community controlled health services workforce, bureaucrats, educators, suppliers and consumers were welcome to present on innovative social enterprise, and local economic development solutions that can engage young people.

Service providers and educators working with young people between 12-26 were welcome to showcase successful programs, set up promotional stalls, and provide valuable insight and impart knowledge; and demonstrate leadership in workforce and service delivery innovation Artists, musicians, producers, film makers; dancers, sculptors, actors: anyone who can impart wisdom and their ‘tool’ of trade.

The Program was masterful in its collection of amazing, talented role models and it was acclaimed a great success!