Pormpur Paanthu’s community governance comes from its community-managed and place-based services established through consultation with its community. The organisation is strengthened by the skills and experience of the Board members and staff.

In 1990 the women of Pormpuraaw first initiated a service to protect themselves and their children. All these years later Pormpur Paanthu strives educate community on a range of issues and needs. We’ve established successful community-based partnerships that is a driving force behind Pormpuraaw’s success stories.

Pormpur Paanthu’s holistic model focuses on the integration of the social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of people. It’s cutting edge approach supports community members to seek  solutions and set goals to problems. We implement strength-based approaches and build on opportunities.

Our model incorporates empowerment philosophies and practical steps to changing behaviour. Community consultation enables local people to be part of the development and implementation of our programs and activities providing culturally safe programs and services.

We design our services with the objective of enabling Aboriginal people to take charge of all aspects of their own lives and healing at all levels as the fundamental building block.

PPAC has developed a community model of care so we have an organisational structure that best suits the needs of the community in order to improve community health; and social and emotional wellbeing outcomes.

The community model of care aims to improve the governance and leadership skills within the organisation; and to increase the prospect of attaining beneficial, sustainable change in the community.

Therefore the World Health Organisation’s notion of reciprocal maintenance has been adapted by Pormpur Paanthu: Looking after each other, looking after the community and looking after the environment.

These philosophies transcends to community governance which will translate to increasing staff and community wellbeing, employment creation and sustainability. It is a socio-ecological model, which places the community as the central tenet, incorporating a long-term perspective to encourage sustainability and ongoing capacity development and increased wellbeing.

A community controlled organisation is one that is ‘For the community, by the community’. Pormpur Paanthu Aboriginal Corporation was established by the People.

With a community- managed; place-based Organisation the solutions to the health and socio-economic needs of the community are in our hands and the services are determined by the community for our community.

Community Control:

  • Is based on the right to self-determination
  • Allows community members to control their health service
  • Is independent and autonomous

Community Controlled Health Organisations:

  • Are for the community and by the community
  • Give local people a say about their health services
  • Are controlled by the local community
  • Provide culturally appropriate health care
  • Meet the health needs of the community they serve