Clinical and Therapeutic Governance

In line with World Health Organisation’s ideologies, health cannot be separated from other goals. The inextricable links between people and their environment constitutes the basis for a socio-ecological approach to health. The Jakarta Declaration on Health Promotion offers a vision and focus for health promotion into the next century.

Pormpur Paanthu Aboriginal promotes a whole of organisational therapeutic culture that promotes Family and Community Centred approaches that are culturally safe and secure.

Based on extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the issues impacting the Pormpuraaw community, PPAC has developed their model of care that embraces empowerment and is based on the individual, family and community needs. This model is inclusive and respects the rights of the consumer. It captures the WHO Ottawa Charter principles of mobilisation, education and advocacy and includes key areas instrumental in implementing change: Primary Health Care and recognising the need to include family, kinship and a deeper understanding of culture and Indigenous world view philosophies linked to wellbeing.

It recognises the prerequisites for health as defined by the Jakarta Declaration of Health Promotion: peace, shelter, education, social security, social relations, food, income,the empowerment of women, a stable eco-system, sustainable resource use, social justice, respect for human rights, poverty and equity.

As an Aboriginal community-managed, place-based health organisation Pormpur Paanthu promotes a high degree of community and individual client involvement in quality assurance, health service planning, feedback and accountability, through formal integrated community structures that includes our Elders, Traditional Owners, historically-placed residents and our board.