Role of Board Members

The Board of Directors is obliged to act in accordance with the provisions contained in a range of documents, including legislated requirements under all relevant Awards and Acts, including legislation relating to occupational health and safety. The Board of Directors must decide which decisions can be made by the Board, or delegated to any of its members such as the Chairperson, or to the Chief Executive Officer.  The Constitution, position descriptions of managers and staff, and the Policies and Procedures Manual will assist with clearly defining these decision-making authorities from time to time.

Current 2020 Board


Chrissy Conrad

Deputy Chairperson:

Raymond Sambo (Independent Director)


Myrtle Foote 

May Ballie 

Meredith Arkwookerum 

       Margaret Coleman

Narissa  Holroyd 

David Fleming  (Independent)


CEO/ Contact Person :          
Ganthi Kuppusamy