Our Role


Pormpur Paanthu is committed and dedicated to improving families’ social and emotional wellbeing via a range of empowering place-based services. It takes a lead role in the coordination of services and the delivery of innovative approaches to engagement and community development.


  •  To provide a holistic and consultative approach to the delivery of services that will build sustainable social and lifestyle changes for individuals, families and community
  • To provide safe, accessible and reliable services that are culturally appropriate, competent and ethically accountable
  • Provision of appropriate preventative health promotion initiatives
  • To coordinate culturally secure activities in partnership with all stakeholders
  • To create supportive environments

Organisational Wellbeing

The inextricable links between people and their environment constitutes the basis for a socio-ecological approach to health. The overall guiding principles for Organisational wellbeing include:

  • The need to encourage reciprocal maintenance – to take care of each other, our communities and our natural environment.
  • Changing patterns of life, work and leisure to have a significant impact on health. Work and leisure should be a source of health for people. The way society organises work should help create a healthy society
  • Health promotion activities that generate living and working conditions that is safe, stimulating, satisfying and enjoyable.

Corporate Vision

  • To apply reflective and empowering practices, and emotional intelligence to Organisational wellbeing
  • Deliver on ‘Country’ programs in all service areas that contribute to social emotional wellbeing enhancement; personal and professional growth
  • Develop and maintain a co-operative and mutually respectful environment that enhances organisation wellbeing through corrective and reflective practices
  • To ensure the Organisation is funded appropriately to guarantee adequate facilities, equipment and supplies are available so that staff can provide best practice services in a timely and appropriate framework

Population health approaches

  • Promotion and prevention approaches that enhance social, emotional and cultural wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people including families and communities.
  • Reduced prevalence and impact of harmful alcohol, drug and substance use on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families and communities